Characters : Sokka


Katara's brother Sokka is a typical teenager who believes his way is the only way. While he shows the strength and determination of a warrior, Sokka lacks the experience to use them effectively. Sokka doesn't let his lack of bending abilities bother him, though. He thinks Benders are what got the world in trouble in the first place. Unlike Aang, Sokka doesn't go for the spiritual stuff and doesn't trust anything he can't see or touch. He prefers tools and weapons to bending and his most prized possession is a boomerang given to him by his father. Sokka is loyal, courageous and protective of his sister (ok, maybe overprotective sometimes). Sokka always feels like he gets the short end of the stick, and because of this he carries a huge chip on his shoulder. But when push comes to shove Sokka always comes up with an ingenious way out of trouble.+

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